A Guide to School Vacation Week

It’s school vacation week, y’all! I’m still trying to figure out why February vacation is even a thing. I mean, do they REALLY need a week off less than two months after Christmas? And why aren’t these days being saved for snow days? So many questions, so few answers. And here we are as parents, wondering…. can I survive a week at home with my kids? They will fight. They will yell. I will yell. They will cry. I will cry. I’m here to tell you, YOU CAN DO THIS! We can ALL do it and come out to live and tell the tale. 😉 See that photo? That’s my stash! Well, certainly not my entire oil stash, but it’s that stash that I will need this week. Here is my guide on how to survive school vacation week, the oily way!

Morning Wake Up
-Lemon and Peppermint – diffuse together for a morning pick-me-up
-En-R-Gee and Peppermint – apply topically on ankles for energy throughout the day (I put it on my ankles because I personally don’t care for the smell of En-R-Gee, but if you like the smell, you can certainly put it elsewhere)

Throughout the day at home
-Stress Away and Tangerine – diffuse together to keep everyone stress-free
-Thieves Cleaner – use to clean everything in your home. And I mean every.thing.
-Lavender, Panaway, Frankincense, Peppermint – my favorite headache blend (10 drops of each with carrier oil in a roller bottle)
-Peace and Calming – diffuse at bedtime. The name says it all!

Venturing out of the house
-Surrender – dilute with carrier oil and apply to the back of the kids neck and on their wrists. It will keep them grounded and frankly, less crazy!
-Ginger and Peppermint – in case anyone get motion sickness in the car, dilute and apply on head right behind their ears
-Purification – disinfect any cuts of scrapes the kids might get while playing outside
-Thieves Hand Sanitizer – because kids touch everything!

Have a great vacation week, Mom’s and Dad’s! You got this! 🙂

What other oils would you add to the survival list?