Dinner and DiGize

Valentine’s Day was last week. I have never been a big fan of celebrating Valentine’s Day. Roses, candy, chocolates, hearts and cupid plastered everywhere….. just not my thing. I always tell my husband to not spend money on flowers, because I will inevitably forget to water them and they die within two days. Spend your money on something else a little more worthwhile. In the meantime, Valentine’s is my excuse to buy obscene amounts of all things Reese’s, including the chocolate peanut butter hearts that, I didn’t realize until I got home and opened them, were pink! But I digress….

The other excuse the Hallmark holiday gives me is the chance to get food from Outback Steakhouse. MY. FAVORITE. My two boys are little crazies when we go out to eat, so in an effort to keep us from losing it, we just got takeout to eat at home. If calories didn’t exist, I could eat a Bloomin’ Burger and Aussie Cheese Fries every day! Although this time was a little different. I think because I have been trying so hard to eat healthy and stay away from greasy food, the burger and fries really affected me. Don’t get me wrong, it was still SO delicious! I enjoyed every minute of it! But afterwards, I had a huge stomach ache. So much so, that I still had it the next morning. DiGize to the rescue!

DiGize can be used┬ádirectly on your stomach when feeling any sort of discomfort. Rubbing it on your stomach in a clockwise motion will get things moving and in a counterclockwise motion will it slow things down. I opted for clockwise! ­čÖé Within an hour, I was good as new! Now if I only used it right after dinner…..