My name is Steph and I am an Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils! What started as casual oil use, became a borderline obsession. I had used a couple oils here and there, but then really got into them over the summer of 2016, when I saw a friend’s Facebook post about the oil named Surrender. She was giving a testimonial on how well it worked to keep her son calm and grounded while her other son played soccer. I instantly asked questions as we were going through one of our most difficult times with our son. I decided to give it a try, because $26 for a bottle of essential oil was a whole lot cheaper than therapy for rage, anger, and emotional issues. Long story short – it worked! It worked so well that here I am telling you that these two boys in this photo are my why! They are why I use oils, and they are why I am here to try and pass along what oils are, and which ones would be the best for you to try and potentially use in your homes on a regular basis. Oils are a part of our daily routine, and because of them we are healthier and happier than we have ever been! 

I’m hoping to make Tangerine Drops (named for one of my favorite oils) a place for you to frequent to learn about oils, have your oil questions answered, get advice, and see some great recipes for you to try at home using your oils. Enjoy and please reach out with any questions you may have!